Knihovna Havířov | Havirov town library - Basic information

Havirov town library - Basic information

Address: Městská knihovna Havířov
ul. Šrámkova 2
736 01 Havířov-Podlesí
IČO: 00601250
Sigla KAG 503
tel. : 00420 596 411 337, 00420 596 410 116
fax : 00420 596 430 112

The Havirov town library is a public town library. It was founded in 1955 and in collection that contains about 200 000 items is included the literature for adults and children, tapes, compact discs, videotapes and computer CD-ROMs. The library accumulated and gives access to the foreign language literature specifically in Polish, Slovak, English, German and Russian languages. A particular attention is given to the regional literature (the town of Havirov and surroundings).

By the end of 2004, the Town library supervised 12 branches, and had 197 248 documents in their collections. The library has 12 727 of the registered readers and during the year of 2004 was visited by 157 671 citizens that have lent 639 823 documents in total.

The library provides a wide area of other services:
Lending of books and magazines through the use of the inter-libraries lending service, listening to the tapes and compact discs, Internet access, the possibility of using a word processor, the use of computers, and the research of bibliographic, factographic, regional information and the EU information.


Městská knihovna Havířov
Svornosti 86/2, budova G
736 01 Havířov-Město
IČO 00601250
č.ú.: 16636791/0100
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Městská knihovna Havířov

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